Repairing Our Damaged Streets and Drainage

JR Moon knows we can mend our crumbling roads and fix poor drainage if we properly allocate our city resources. He has an understanding of commercial property and experience working to meet deadlines. JR will work closely with contractors while keeping a constant eye on the bottom line. With that same attention to detail, JR will stretch every dollar to make sure it is spent wisely without waste. As mayor, JR will give Pasadena an infrastructure to be proud of.


Strengthening Our Schools

A graduate of Sam Rayburn High School, JR Moon is a product of the Pasadena education system. During his 10 years as Board of Trustee for San Jacinto College, JR has been under budget and on time; successfully enacting and executing over $700 million in expansion – all while tripling the graduation rate. JR takes pride in shaking the hands of the graduates as they become productive members of the community, and he’ll take pride in improving education in Pasadena.


Balancing the Budget, Keeping Taxes Low

As CFO of Moody Bank, JR earned the reputation as a budget hawk as he oversaw 31 branches and managed a portfolio of over $1 billion in assets – almost 10x’s Pasadena’s entire budget last year. As our next mayor, he will cut waste, ensuring Pasadena has top-notch services while staying under budget and keeping taxes low.


Grow the Economy, Better Jobs

As an experienced member of the Chamber of Commerce, JR knows that high taxes and regulation stifles small business development, making it difficult for Pasadena companies to hire more employees. Known around the community as an advocate for economic growth, he works closely with Pasadena business owners, listens to their needs, and provides solutions to their problems. As mayor of Pasadena, JR will expand a business-friendly community, expand our tax base and keep taxes low for the citizens.


Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

The number one priority of JR is to keep our neighborhoods safe. As mayor, he will back our first responders, working alongside the police and fire departments, making sure they have the tools and resources they need to succeed. JR will lead an effort with local housing associations to strengthen and improve crime watch organizations to watch over our neighborhoods and create a safer Pasadena for our families.


Giving Back to Our Community

JR’s philosophy is to love God first and your neighbor second. A leader at Life Community Church for over 15 years, he is regularly found volunteering at the local Neighborhood Center and The Salvation Army serving the community whenever he can. As a member of the Pasadena Rotary Club, JR believe that giving back to the community is the best way to breathe life back into Pasadena. “There is nothing in this world that will make you feel better than helping someone who has no way of paying you back.”


Better Parks for Our Families

JR understands the importance of safe and clean parks in Pasadena. He will lead efforts to improve green spaces and enhance hike-and-bike trails – without any increases in the city budget. JR knows that great parks are a key to raising the quality of life in our community, and as mayor, he will provide the resources necessary to create secure areas for our children to play in.


Great Services for ALL of Pasadena

JR firmly believes that ALL of Pasadena deserves top-quality services. He doesn’t care what street we live on, or what neighborhood we belong to, it is our right as a citizen to have the best resources. As a young man and licensed CPA, he was entrusted to perform a city audit. JR ended up learning about Pasadena from top to bottom – streets, water, public safety and code enforcement. JR is qualified to be our next mayor, and when elected will serve the people and the city that made him who he is today. “I love this city – the entire city, not pieces or parts – and I’m proud to call Pasadena home.”

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